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Market Tools & AI

- Tap In is built for the beginner in crypto and seasoned veterans. Our market analytic tech TAP PRICE gives you every token listed on CMC. What's CMC? CMC stands for coinmarketcap. CMC is a well known website that gives you prices and updates about crypto currency's world over. Our Bot tech is available to use entirely free so community members can check price along with trending coins, new listings and much more! TAP AI is an artificial technology that can be used in our telegram group for free that writes stories, music lyrics, how to, and so much more. The perfect tool for freelancers, students and just about anyone who needs answers to almost anything you can think of!

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With the constant highs and lows of crypto currency's stay updated with our latest in group technology! TAP PRICE is a utility that allows users to automatically check the price of any crypto and it's CMC ranking/trending. Keeping users constantly updated in real time!


AI is the future with a current market size of 13O billion. AI is projected to reach 1.3 Trillion dollars by 2030 according to Statista (https://www.statista.com/topics/ 3104/artificial-intelligence-ai-worldwide/). Our advance in group AI Tool allows users to save more time in their content creation! Check out our TAP AI Tech in our telegram (https://t.me/TapInCrypto).


  • 1 Million Supply

  • 3% Marketing

  • 1% Development

  • 1% Liquidity

  • 3% Max Wallet

  • 3% Max Transaction

  • Contract Renounced

  • Safu

  • 1 Year LP Lock

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